Abi, Avri and I were going for a walk yesterday evening and as we were passing the empty lot next to our house, Abi ran to pick the dandelions ( the white dead ones, that blow in the air). She picked the first one up and said

Abi ... "Mommy, I'm going to make a wish."
so she blows the flower
Abi .... "I wished for a bowl of ice-cream."
she runs and picks another
Abi... "I wished to be a princess."
runs to pick another... blows
Abi ... "This time I wished for Avri to sleep all night and not wake me up."

She keeps me smiling....


Jami said...

I just busted out laughing!!

kendra said...

This blogging thing is awesome.....now you have a way of always remembering the great things that your kids say and the way you felt about it the very moment they said it!