Avri turns 1...

Sunday, October 19.... Avri turned 1. It was a very special day and sad day all in one. Special because my baby girl was celebrating her first birthday of many and sad because my baby is growing up entirely too fast. She took up walking a few days prior to her big day and has mastered it pretty well, with a few tumbles here and there. We sang to Avri as soon as she woke up and we let her open her presents.
Abi has carried her babydoll EVERYWHERE. School, to the store, to the mall, to the bathroom, to bed every night, where you see Abi, you see "Baby". Well in the last month Avri has been taking "Baby" away from Abi. So for Avri's bday, Abi picked out on her very own a baby doll for sissy. I hope that Avri takes to her new doll instead of continuing to want Abi's.

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