Abi had a small meltdown this morning--I bought her some new Cinderella gloves yesterday and she could not get her fingers in the right holes this morning. Poor thing- she struggled all the way to school. She was so upset over it. So.....mommy will be on a Cinderella MITTEN hunt!

Abi is not only a smart cookie- but has a good sniffer too! She recognized I had on a new scent from Bath and Body Works a few weeks ago. AND this morning, Tony went to give her a hug and a kiss goodbye..and she said "Daddy! Whats that I smell?" with a big grin--- She caught him! He had just eaten a couple of her chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. She is something!!

A local tattoo shop was advertising on television they will give free tattoos for donations for toys for the "Toys for Tots" drive. She didn't hesitate to ask us if she could get a tattoo. Thankfully she was satisfied with the Tinkerbell and dog paw tattoos daddy put on her then.

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