This morning....

This morning I turned around and to my surprise the girls were holding hands- so I had to capture the moment and I'll remind them of this when they get older- at one time they liked each other....:) Too cute!

Abi in her new jammies that Daddy bought her- and she has worn them every night since! I hate to break her heart but they are needing a washing really bad,so she may have to do with out one night!

We had fun at Jacob's Birthday party last weekend. It was at the Childrens Museum. This is Abi's card .... she's doing so good on her letters.

And here is Avri AFTER Jacob's birthday party- Party animal finally got tired!

AND lastly, this is so great! This is Abi's Christmas wish list. Keep in mind Tony wrote while she did the wishing- so he wrote EXACTLY what she wished for. I love it!!!

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kendra said...

I love the list of presents from Santa! So cute!