More Christmas

I did so good updating the blog over my holiday vacation time...but not so good now that we are back in swing of things.  I still had more Christmas pics to get posted and today's roads are so icy, so what a better way to spend the lunch hour!

Later in the day on Christmas, we headed out to my moms, and spent the day with my parents and my brother and sister and their families.
Here is my fashionista niece, Haley, who is growing up ENTIRELY too fast!
 And her cutie pie brother, Kyle.

And the present opening begins!

Tony gets his very own LARGE size of jalapeno pickles. My parents make them and Tony absolutely loves them and eats them with everything!!

Abi gets her piano she wanted from Gma and Papa.

Haley- you're lucky your new boots aren't in my size!!  Love them!!

Our living room a few days after Christmas-   too much stuff!! I let them have it all spread out for about two weeks and then I wanted our living room back to normal!:)

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