Birthday Party #2

We had Abi's family party the following weekend.  The girls always pick a theme to go with and Abi picked "flowers"  she loves her flowers-  just like her momma.  Since she could walk she has been helping me plant flowers and loves to watch them grow and helps take care of them too.

As you can see below I made the ever so popular right now "cake pops."    Well, I think they are absolutely de-lish...however,  they are time consuming.  Guess if I made them a couple more times I could get the system down....  but my waist says NO!! I would eat one here and there if it wouldn't stay on the stick during the making...or I had more balls than sticks needed to eat those too- ugh! :)

The Birthday girl enjoying her sandwich!
The girls with the best sitter, Brie ( when we go out in a blue moon :) 

We were so fortunate that our party was the same day Uncle Wayne and Aunt Kay from Pennsylvania  were traveling through.  I love to see them and spend time with them!!  Was so nice having you here!!

It was a beautiful day and a great party!  Thank you to everyone!!

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