Austin turned 15 last week. ( My sister's son) Its so hard for me to accept that too! I was there when these boys ( Austin and his brother) were born...and they grew up entirely too fast. ( which also means I'm getting older!!)

My sister, the wonderful mom she is, has been writing poems, goofy.. but yet meaningful poems, for the boys when they have a Birthday- here is Austin with his.

Austin is quite the "stud". He is involved in football, basketball, track and baseball for MTZ. And pretty darn good at it all too! Im pretty proud of him!

Papa gives airplane rides when we see him and the girls love it- I'm afraid they are both starting to get too heavy for him- AND Avri hates the airplanme to land- she always wants more, more, more!

Tony and I went out Friday for Valentines Day. Went to the Beachhouse for a really nice dinner with some friends and then out for a few drinks. Had a great time!

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