Super Bowl Party

My mom and Dad had their annual Sunday Super Bowl Party. Its always a guaranteed good time and good food! My Dad started years ago a pool with random questions about the game- and you give $5 to get in on the questions. Its so fun and adds excitement to the game to see who wins what- I have been the Big Winner 2 different years! ( its pure luck- its definitely not my knowledge in the teams playing!)
Below are some goofy pics of the festivities- and the nerdy 3D glasses.

Avri had her appt. Friday with an Orthopedic Dr. We were referred their by our pediatrician due to her feet and legs. And we got great news- She is NORMAL and will outgrow it. Thank goodness- I had heard different things about braces, etc. but the Dr said she should outgrow it by 4 yrs of age. Here's the little ham!

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Jami said...

I'm glad to hear she doesn't need braces. I can't imagine fighting with them.