Lunchtime Duckies!

I may have alot of pics on this- but if you could have been here and seen the excitement on Avri's face when we fed the ducks you would understand why I went camera happy. FINALLY the ducks were hungry, so many times we feed the ducks and they ignore us- but not today! They practically ate out of our hands! And Little Ms. Avri, whom loves all animal types, got SOO excited! Nothing better than a child smile and laughter!

I recently joined Tony on the golf course- a first for me! Ive always wondered what it was about that sport that has Tony so hooked. It has become a passion of his over the last few years, so I had to see what it was all about! :)

I pretty much stunk- had no clue how to hold the club, etc. But I had fun- Tony was coaching me- and giving me some pointers. I enjoyed just driving the cart and watching him- he really impressed me! Thanks T, love ya!

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