A Weekend Getaway

We recently spent the weekend with some friends and their family at their cabin on Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana. ( Indiana Beach). Basically I would say their second home- and they graciously welcomed us in for the weekend and we had an absolute FANTASTIC time!
Here are the kids in order: Addison, Avri, Abi and Zack.

Addison and Avri share the same birthday

Abi and Zack born one day apart. Jami and I were prego buddies. Ive always told her next time she is on her own. :)
Avri on her very first boat ride. Would you believe she didn't like that I wanted her to sit? Avri, Nooo?!?!

ABI TUBING FOR HER FIRST TIME!! She did great! Mommy was proud of her!

The girls had such a good time at the beach. We pretty much lived there. And when it was time to come back home Sunday Abi started crying, she so didn't want to leave.

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Jami said...

Thanks so much for coming!! We had so much fun. Addison's poor cheek. I forgot how nasty it looked.