Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Party

We always let the girls pick what kind of party they want and Avri kept going back to Mickey Mouse.  So a Mickey Mouse party was had!  Avri, our baby, turned three.  Not so much a baby anymore...sniff, sniff.

I let Abi pick out her own gift to give her sissy.  After about an hour and half of up and down the aisles  at Target ( she was putting MUCH thought into her gift)...she decided on the Playdough Ice Cream Sundae maker.  GOOD CHOICE! The girls have had a ball playing it with it! Although- we've made some that look good enough to eat....and well..... we caught Avri trying one out.  I'm sure she was disappointed it didn't quite taste as good as it looked!
Avri is the ONLY three yr old I know to get soo excited about a new robe!  She immediately modeled for everyone at the party and wears it all the time!!

HER FIRST BIKE!  It was time. She has tried climbing up on Abi's a few times ready to ride....  so we picked out a cute turquoise and pink one with Doggy Foot prints.


Avri and one of her best buds from school.... Connor D.

Connor D checking things out outside.  This is my birthday present from Tony and the girls~ a fire pit!

LOOK at this face! :)

It was a great party-  it was a beautiful day and Avri had fun!  Thanks for all Avri's birthday wishes!
Hopefully time will slow down .....I love the ages the girls are at right now.

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