Avri watched  her sister from the sidelines play soccer this fall and she asked many times when could she play? At first I told her she had to wait til she was 5 like sissy...but she kept asking...  so I found a different Y program that offered soccer for 3 yr olds.  She had her birthday JUST in time-  she had to be three by Oct. 30.  But this also means she is the youngest by far on her team. 
BUT at the first game this last Saturday-  age was no factor!! 
She was AWESOME!! talk about FUN to watch  -  I couldn't take my eyes off her-  she ran for the ENTIRE 30 minutes up and down the soccer court with a HUGE Smile-  she loved every second of it!    She was right in there making her way to the ball.  AND within the first minute of the game-  at the furthest opposite end of the court, she got the ball and kicked it all the way down and scored!!!
It was so cool- and luckily Tony was filming, so we have watched it a few times.  Really, really cute!

We are yellow shirts...she is in the front there with the pigtails.

Sunday at breakfast..."When is it soccer day?"

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