Oh......sadly I report that Abi has lost her first tooth!! (SAD for me...  its one more sign my baby is growing up!)   She had come home from school a month or so ago-  and was telling Tony and I all the different kids who have lost A tooth ....interestingly so...she woke me up soon to tell me she had a loose tooth.  And it stayed loose for about 3 weeks.
 I had hoped she wasn't at school for her first one. Just for two reasons......a. the obvious-  a "first" for her and mommy...and b... I knew there would be blood and not to sure how she would take that. 
Well her and Avri and I were out shopping Sunday night and out it came!!  She wasn't the least bit bothered by the blood-  just anxious to tell the world and for the tooth fairy visit!

And the Tooth Fairy brought a gold dollar coin and a dollar bill!
Still a beautiful smile! 

Abi and Avri being silly.

Mommy's turn being silly...and Abi taking pics. She loves to be behind the camera.... 

I love them bunches...and bunches!!!!

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