Hello Kitty 4th Birthday party....

This is Abi prior to the party- Cutie! She chose Hello Kitty- although let me tell you choices, choices- but she stuck with Hello Kitty for quite a few weeks.....


Some of the kids playing games outside, thank goodness we had some beautiful weather....

Little Ms. Avri hamming it up before the party-
Avri and Uncle Warren on the front porch
I plan to post a few more of the party soon!

I took an extra long lunch hour on Abi's birthday and took her to Dreamland park so we could eat lunch together and then feed the ducks.

The ducks weren't very hungry so Abi decided she wanted to play on the park playground.

Then...and Now....

This is me 4 years ago May 18, 2005. I was anxious, nervous, scared, happy, excited and on and on. Tony and I were on our way to the hospital to give birth to our first, Abionna Jo Tertocha.

This is me May 18, 2009. 4 years later, with my beautiful Abi. She is unique in so many ways and I love her higher than the clouds as I tell her every night! My baby turned 4. Hard for me to believe.

Busch Stadium, May 7 2009

Yes, we are in Cardinal land and Tony is still sportin his Cubs gear. The Mt Zion Baseball team was lucky enough to get chosen to play on the Cardinals field after the game. Here is Austin (our nephew)pshcyed for his turn!!

Austin with his other ball players talkin about how "cool" its going to be! MTZ sure had the team support as the stands were filled with MTZ people!

Austin first up at bat! Can you imagine what this meant to him? I'm sure an unforgettable moment! We are proud of you Austin!

They won their game 10 to 6 against St Teresa! WAY TO GO MTZ!

Another Special Birthday in the family....

My sister turned 40 on May 2 so we celebrated another special day together. Lorie was quite surprised, as her hubby Warren pulled it off without her knowing. My Mom and Dad hosted the get together in my Dad's Illini "party" garage. We hung out and played bags and had a cookout.

Devin and his girlfriend, Amber.

My sister, my best friend for life. She knows more about me than anyone on this planet and still loves me! Happy Birthday Lorie!!

Would you believe Avri ATE the tips of Abi's markers? Normally I give her crayons to scribble with, this particular morning, I taped paper down, strapped her in her seat and bravely gave her Crayola washable markers to scribble with. Then I sat down with Abi to play games, and within 5 mintes this is Avri. Markers missing their tips...... I promise I fed her breakfast! Thank goodness Crayola Company knows what kids are capable of! :)

Kyle turns 5....

Kyle, my nephew, recently celebrated his 5th bday. Have you seen such a cutie?
It was a beautiful day and the kids had fun playing outside.

Avri laying on Haley and Kyle's puppy, Harley.

Shawn ( my brother) and Julie just bought a new house in Oswego. SO this was our first visit- its a gorgeous home, and as you can see as of now they are pretty much alone in the area, but no doubt they will be surrounded in a couple years- its a newly developed area for housing.