My First Soccer Mom Experience....

Abi started fall soccer in August and season ends 2nd weekend of October.  She kicked around a soccer ball some at her daycare and really enjoyed it. I think she took after her Daddy who played soccer.  Cant say I have any previous experience other than maybe watching a few games back in High School days for no other reason than cute boys on the team...  ha! :)

So far she has enjoyed it.  She does great the first half.... second half she normally poops out and cant run up and down the field.    She's gotten her feet at the game ball a few times....




Avri took pictures of Gma and Papa during the game.   
I'll try to get better action shots before season is over to post-  she looks so cute in her soccer gear, those lovely fashionable green and gold striped socks!

Princess Party

Abi recently had the pleasure of "princess life"  for a few hours.  She was invited to one of her sweet friends, Maddie's  b-day celebration at Its A Girls Thing downtown. What an ADORABLE party it was!

 The girls picked out their own princess gowns they wanted to shine in for the next few hours.  Maddie modeling her pick.
One of the Princesses hosting the party reading a Fancy Nancy book.She had the girls full attention. 
Picking out the must haves accesories to complete the look.

She is demonstrating how to do the runway .....
Rylie wasn't shy to show how its done! She was too cute! 

Abi and Maddie decided it would be more fun to do the runway together.... 

 Their princess poses...:) 

Love this picture- waiting to cross the adorable!

Central Park pics

And what do princesses do best?
A Tea party...  with the most perfect Pink Princess Punch and cupcakes.


Making a glitter pink lip gloss...

Showing off their BIG Diamond rings they were given by the Princesses hosting the party.  They did such a  good job with the girls.
Thank you Maddie for letting Abi ( And me) be a part of your Princess Day- It was Fabulous!
(Note to my girlfriends...we need to have our bday parties here...   :)

Pony Express Days 2010

Abi and Avri had a great time as you can see at the Pony Express Days in MTZ, my old stomping grounds. I remember as a kid/young teen getting so excited to see the Pony Express Days arrive.  Abi took a friend and it was so good to see them laughing and giggling together all evening.  Avri sure didn't hesitate to join their fun! 

Whats a carnival without a Funnel cake and a Lemon Shake up-  these were some messy girls when they got done! :)