This morning....

This morning I turned around and to my surprise the girls were holding hands- so I had to capture the moment and I'll remind them of this when they get older- at one time they liked each other....:) Too cute!

Abi in her new jammies that Daddy bought her- and she has worn them every night since! I hate to break her heart but they are needing a washing really bad,so she may have to do with out one night!

We had fun at Jacob's Birthday party last weekend. It was at the Childrens Museum. This is Abi's card .... she's doing so good on her letters.

And here is Avri AFTER Jacob's birthday party- Party animal finally got tired!

AND lastly, this is so great! This is Abi's Christmas wish list. Keep in mind Tony wrote while she did the wishing- so he wrote EXACTLY what she wished for. I love it!!!


For some reason I cant get the pics to enlarge so that you can see them more clear...but the first set is Abi's pre-school pics- adorable! And then the rest are of Abi and Avri about a month ago. Too cute!
I have tried and tried- but very UNsuccessful to get a good pic of the girls in front of the Christmas tree..
Just some is Avri playing with the garland for the tree....
And running from me as I am trying to GET my garland on the tree...:)
Our princess...
The girls are not camera shy!

Abi and I love our smores when we go camping...BUT who says you have to be camping to enjoy one-

Normally, playing in the snow with Abi is Tony's job- I hate being cold....but he was busy putting the Christmas lights on the house, so I couldn't say No. Avri was down for her nap- so I toughed it out and went out with her. I had so much fun! It had been way too long since I had built a snowman! We got Daddy to stop for a little bit and join us in a snowball fight.

See who Avri looks like... DADDY! She's not the mini- me Abi is.

Over vacation, we enjoyed a day at Lisa's house (Tony's sister) in St Louis. Everyone was able to make it- and we had a nice time. Below are pics of the girls...yes, ALL girls! no boys- but don't
look at us to change that!! LISA!!!
They dressed up as princesses and entertained us with a princess parade.

Blog vacation

I'm still alive! I not only took a vacation from work but my blog as well. Sorry! Once I get caught up I'll be back in full force. I have so many things I want to share so keep checking back. I spent my week off getting the typical Holiday things done. We bought a new Christmas tree this year- I finally got a pre-lit tree- its so pretty! I love it! Abi really got into putting all the ornaments on- so keep this in mind when you see how bunched up and low the decorations are:).

Avri is keeping me busy- she is simply a "Monster" right now. 13 months old.... yeah, that's the busy stage! She never tires too much either- amazing- why do I? She made that baby to toddler transition somewhere around Thanksgiving. She no longer takes a bottle! Sad day sort of to pack all the bottles away. I still get her to sit in my lap though for her bed time sippy cup of milk.

I baked/decorated sugar cookies, spent a day X-mas shopping with my mom in Bloomington, worked on a play area for the girls in the basement, took Abi to see her first movie- Madagascar 2- ( I forgot to tell her the part about not talking loud :) , more Xmas shopping, night out with Tony, a Mommy & Avri day, built a snowman with Abi, and much much more.

I'll leave you with a few Abi-isms for now. She is so funny!

*Keep in mind this was said in a that's not fair voice!!
*The girls were in the bathtub and Abi hollered

"Avri is getting big girl boobies and I'm not!"

*Abi is so into the Santa belief right now and yes we are guilty of using it to bribe her with good behavior...and she whispered "Can he hear me if I talk real quietly?"

*Abi told me she didn't love anyone else but regular Gma( this is what she calls my mom).. I told her YES you do! You can love more than one person, etc. etc., and she said "No- Regular Gma takes up all the space!"

Have a good evening!