Prayer Request

This is a bit of a different blog entry. But its something that truly touches me, so I thought I would reach out to my blog followers and ask for prayers for this family. You can visit the link below to read; each time I get an update from her site, it just touches my heart so much. It sure makes you step back and appreciate the life you have, and the moments we have with our children. I am so blessed to have two healthy children. My heart aches for this family, and yet so blown away at their continued strong faith considering what they have been dealt. So please, take a moment with me to say a prayer for Anna today.

(She is a cousin of a very good friend of mine- which is how I came to learn about her.)
Thank you. :)

good times....

Holiday World ~ Santa Claus, Indiana

We took the girls to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. A FUN place for kids! Its a very large amusement park- and so nice, friendly and clean! If you have kids, You should visit! Well worth the drive! The girls are posing waiting patiently on Daddy to park the truck so we can go in for Day 1 at the park! :)

Taking a break to refuel.....

The majority of my pics are just from the kiddie rides, trust me we rode bigger rides. Avri's ponytail reached ( barely) the line for being tall enough to ride almost everything at the park. Yeah- Even the rides that made mommy's tummy turn upside down. But the girls loved it! A few I had to sit out on....

I think Abi is a few shades whiter at the end of this ride....:)

This is outside at Santa's lodge. This is where we stayed, down the street from Holiday World.

The girls on Day 2 at the Amusement Park. We spent the entire day at the water park side and then cleaned up in their locker rooms in the evening and rode rides until the park closed! This water park was AWESOME!! SO much to see and do and ride! Girls were having the time of their lives....they LOVED the water side! Avri was tall enough for the big thunder river type rides, she would have the same look on her face for every ride! It was too funny!

Look closely- this would be that look............. :)

This ride below- Holiday World advertises to be the largest water slide ever. Well, we watched it a few times drop and finally Tony decided he was going to do it- alone of course- none of us were following! Abi was starting to cry- I told her its fine, over and over. Later, after he does this slide, they were in line for another ride and she spanked her Daddy and said "Don't you ever ride a ride like that again!"