15 month Ck Up

Avri had her 15 month ck up yesterday. Here are some shots of the girls while we waited for the dr. to come into the room-

Avri was entertaining us as you can see....

She actually has lost a little weight, she weighed 24.7 lbs (75%), and was 31" 1/2 tall (75%) and 90% for head size ( that big brain like her momma). She is a Healthy monster we're told!

We've been anxious for our appt with an Ortho Pediatric Specialist in Springfield on Feb. 6 for her legs and feet. Appt was made in Dec., taking forever to get here...we're really not sure what we will be told. Avri looks like she just got off a horse- bow legged to the extreme and her feet are turning in quite a bit from it, causing her to trip alot. So hopefully something we can get corrected for her so she can be that Olympic runner if she wishes!
The girls came to my office before we headed to the dr- they had to try out mommy's desk....

The next Martha ...

What have I created?
Abi loves to do everything in the kitchen with me and lately she wont let me near the baking- she insists on doing it all..... she decorated a gingerbread house Sunday night...

She made us cherry chip cupcakes yesterday that are very delicious! ( look how serious she is that each one is perfect!) I'm telling ya...watch out Martha Stewart!

Over the weekend- around the house
Aunt Lorie came over and brought Abi a Barbie van that turns into a disco dance floor.... can you say SPOILED????
Abi & I had some one on one time on Sunday, so I took her for the first time roller skating. She has decided she wants to practice in the driveway before she goes back. In the hour we were there- she made it around the big rink only once. And would you believe they don't have the little kids small rink anymore- been at least 20+ years since I had been in the skating rink. She did like standing on the side and watching all the kids.... and then we went to the Children's Museum for a little while...here she is performing a puppet show for me
Avri and Drake at Sheila's house Saturday night.

15 month Wild Child

Avri was 15 months yesterday- here's a few snapshots of her in action.....of course with all her jewelry...

I call her our "wild child" and our "lil monster" because that's the best way to describe her at this stage. Very hard to keep up with her! She makes the silliest expressions and mad faces already! She was always shaking her head "no" if asked if she wanted more milk, or a snack, or to go bye- bye- but she just recently started shaking her head "yes" too. She goes to the frig and pulls on the handle when she wants milk, she LOVES to read- she brings Tony and I books every night and has her favorites.... basically anything that has pictures of doggies or babies.

Christmas Day...last one....

Later in the day on Xmas Day, after we each spent time playing with what Santa left us...we celebrated at mom and dads with my sister & my brother and their families and my Gma.

Yeah! Avri got a vacuum! Now the girls each have one and can help me clean! :)

Avri was cute to watch! My dad passes out presents real slow so that we can watch what everyone gets...well Avri was right up there with him wanting more, more, more!!! She had us all laughing!

And Aunt Julie & Uncle Shawn are forever "heroes" in Abi's eyes! She got her jack in the box from them!

Devin and Austin.....always KEEP us CRACKING up!! Brotherly love! Their wise cracks to one another are insane- Dont know how my sister survives in her house!! I know Devin will be missed a ton when he leaves for the NAVY. He has joined and will be graduating from MTZ high school this year.

My gma and the little ones. Haley and Kyle made her a gingerbread house.
Abi and Daddy...Gma and Papa made her and Avri a very special Snow globe.... you push a button and they tell the girls " WE LOVE YOU"... It didnt get packed away with the Christams stuff- its on Abi's dresser for life- she loves it!

Ok- DO I try to explain this one or not? Haley and Kyle got Papa old lady XXXXL underwear- thats what they picked out for papa. Better than what he got a year or two ago from them- they got him poop. ( pretend... of course) All the kids think its so funny to tease Papa!!

Abi and gma...
Austin gets a personalized duffle bag for all the sports he plays.

Kyle gets a Nerf gun!

Abi climbing all over Devin
THE END! Hope you enjoyed the Christmas pics.... now back to day to day life posts.

Christmas Day Morning... (part 3)

Santa left some cool stuff for the girls... this is before they woke up....

We're pretty sure Avri likes her Elmo restaurant- we play "restaurant" all the time now- Abi likes to play the waitress....

Opening other presents Santa Left

Santa even left Daddy some goodies... lots of CUBS stuff....

Guess Avri was pretty excited Daddy got a CUBS beach towel...

Abi peeking over her 3 story Barbie dollhouse Santa left her- she loves it!

Christmas Eve Day...Part 2

I had tried since the tree went up to get a good picture of the girls in front of it, but keeping Avri still long enough is nearly impossible. So on Christmas Eve Day- I got these few... I love the ones with Tony and the girls.

Its been tradition for my entire life, on Christmas Eve my entire extended family gets together. This is aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc... and as you can imagine it has grown tremendously over the years. Most of my cousins have gotten married & had kids so its a bigger than ever group. But my mom's house still manages to hold us all-

Avri starting to wear down from the excitement.....