15 month Ck Up

Avri had her 15 month ck up yesterday. Here are some shots of the girls while we waited for the dr. to come into the room-

Avri was entertaining us as you can see....

She actually has lost a little weight, she weighed 24.7 lbs (75%), and was 31" 1/2 tall (75%) and 90% for head size ( that big brain like her momma). She is a Healthy monster we're told!

We've been anxious for our appt with an Ortho Pediatric Specialist in Springfield on Feb. 6 for her legs and feet. Appt was made in Dec., taking forever to get here...we're really not sure what we will be told. Avri looks like she just got off a horse- bow legged to the extreme and her feet are turning in quite a bit from it, causing her to trip alot. So hopefully something we can get corrected for her so she can be that Olympic runner if she wishes!
The girls came to my office before we headed to the dr- they had to try out mommy's desk....

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