Busy Fun Filled weekend

Tony was off all weekend, so we had a good one- ( for those that don't know unfortunately his days off rotate every week- so a weekend rolls around every 6 or 7 weeks - gotta love it....its the life of a police officer!) The weather kept us in for the most part- cold, windy, rainy, and even snow!! But we still managed to have fun- we had Mike & Sheila, Mark & Zarah and their kids over Friday night for dinner and fun.

Unfortunately- as you see here -Avri doesnt know yet how to play gentle with a baby. Avri gave baby Luke his first bloody nose...ughhh... she was teasing him and taking his paci in and out- and then when he was using her baby toys that had been moved to the basement for MONTHS- bouncy seat, and excersaucer- she was getting a bit jealous.

UH-OH- MIKE ARE YOU A CUBS FAN NOW? :) Had to say it!! ( He's a big Cardinal fan- Tony only has Cubs huggies- so Mike was out of luck- ( i have a feeling next time he'll bring his own!)

Saturday we played around the house all morning-playdo, coloring, games,etc. and then we got the girls in dresses and headed to the mall to see the Easter Bunny and have pics taken. BUT.. no pics to post- Avri was shaking & trembling when we got up to the Easter Bunny- and had the tightest grip on Tony- so he walked away with her and Abi and I just sat there and talked to him and even she didn't want her picture taken with him- so maybe next year!
Does anyone see any babies in this pic above? ...they played with play- do off and on all wekeend- and once I looked over at them and thought.... WHERE ARE MY BABIES????...and yes.. it makes my eyes fill up......
Avri and her cousin Devin.

Spring has arrived!

Nothing can say it more than the smile on the girls faces when we are outside in the backyard or at the park- spring is FINALLY here! We have enjoyed a few days here and there of really nice weather. Over the last few weeks we have gone to the Bloomington Zoo ( loved it!), and a few visits to the park and even flew a kite. Avri held the Elmo kite and smiled from ear to ear. Abi loved running all over with the kite. Avri has shown her temper each time I have had to bring her in by crying and standing at the door wanting back out.

I haven't taken many pics lately- but I did get a few snapshots of the girls in fire trucks. A co worker of 13 years is also the Fire Chief in a small town nearby and they celebrated last weekend with an Open House of their brand new fire station. All fire trucks were available for the kids to climb in and explore. So the girls did just that and had to go in each and every one.

The girls are growing up entirely too fast. Abi will be celebrating her 4th birthday in less than 2 months- that's crazy! And Avri's personality is growing enormously right now- she knows what makes Mommy and Daddy laugh and she is such a character! She is really starting to add words to her baby "vocabulary"...she says Hi, Hello, sissy, Mommy, daddy, feet, seat, Oreo.
She runs for the bathroom the minute I say "bath" and she gives the biggest hugs to each of us at bedtime.
Abi started tumbling at Dynamite Gymnastics 5 weeks ago. She loves it so far! So this is where you will find us on Tuesday nights. I plan to get some pics of her some evening on the balance beam- they already are doing somersaults on the balance beam. Avri was showing off her tumbling talents on the sidelines this week during Abi's class. Too cute!

I hope to be a better blogger in the months ahead and capture more moments to share with you... Happy Spring!
Lisa and Madison were home 2 weekends ago from Houston, TX.
Abi sure was glad to see them. And we were too,of course. Kaitlynn and Kaleigh came over too and we spent the day letting the girls play and then out for a nice dinner.

Abi and her Aunt Lisa....

Abi's answers at 3 years 10 months old

1. What is something mommy always says to you? "I love you. I love you."
2. What makes mommy sad? " when I hit."
3. What makes mommy laugh? " when I'm silly."
4. How old is mommy? holds up three fingers on one hand and four fingers on the other hand.. "am i right?"
5. How tall is mommy? points to ground and then points up.
6. What is mommy's favorite thing to do? "I don't know, tell me."
7. What does mommy do when your not around? "I don't know, tell me."
8. What is mommy really good at? "reading books"
9. What is mommy not very good at? "riding bikes"
10. What does mommy do at her job? " I don't know, you tell me. I'm cutting out ladybugs."
11. What is mommy's favorite food? "pizza."
12.What do you and mommy do together? "play games"
13. How are you and mommy the same? " i don't know, I don't want to talk I'm trying to cut these snails and ants out."

She was busy cutting things out of her Highlights magazine. So I didn't get much of a response from her.

2 Princesses!

The girls were playing with their dress up dresses on Saturday morning. Abi seems to only share the princess skirts with Avri-

This one is my favorite ( minus the paci- she just wont give it UP!!)

Abi playing Wii, yes sometimes she thinks the closer she is to the tv the better she plays- :)