Special Day

I took Monday off to spend some time with just Abi & we took Avri to the sitters. I told her we were having "special day" together. We headed for a dairy farm in Normal, IL. It was very neat, however, I think Abi may be more the "city" girl than the "farm" girl. We happened to get there the same time a group of 3-4 yr olds did- so we joined there group for the tour. Abi fit right in!
First thing, they took us on a hayride
through the farm.

They let each kid sit behind the wheel of the tractor.
This was Gavin, he was a 2 week old calf.
This was "Abbie."

They let Abi feed the calf "Abbie."She thought that was pretty cool!

Feeding the cows.

This was "Tom the turkey"- each kid one by one got to go in his cage and pet him. Abi ( the ONLY one) chose to pet him through the outside of the cage.

This was the lucky cow that each kid got to milk. Abi was in the middle of the line- and watched each one do it. And when it got to her turn, she got up there and turned around to me and said-"Mommy, is it dirty?" and I told her No, but she didn't believe me- and chose not to do it! I told her she wont get the chance to milk a cow for a very long time- she should try it- but she wasn't changing her mind!

And here is the group of kids at the end, the farmer and his wife passed out coloring books. It was a fun experience for both of us.

After the farm we headed for the Normal Children's Museum. (it had 3 levels)

We had a good day- that evening, at bedtime her and I were laying on my bed watching TV, and she said for about the 4th time that evening- "Thanks for special day momma."


Weekend pics

Saturday we took the girls to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Lincoln. It has become an annual thing- because I love it so much! I think its pretty cool at night when they do the "glow". We took Abi to do some carnival stuff before we got spread out on our blankets to watch the balloons. ( Ck out my mom's blog to see some of her good pics she got at the balloon festival)
This is the ONLY picture I got before my battery died on my camera. Drake and his buddy! ( Drake belongs to my good friend Sheila, who is expecting in November- baby boy #2)
Sunday, when Avri was taking her morning nap-Abi and I packed the cooler( sandwiches, chips & grapes) for a picnic lunch. We had our first official picnic (the pretend ones in the living room don't count). It was fun and the girls had a good time. We didn't go too far- we loaded the stroller down and went to the Maroa park.


Abi, Avri and I were going for a walk yesterday evening and as we were passing the empty lot next to our house, Abi ran to pick the dandelions ( the white dead ones, that blow in the air). She picked the first one up and said

Abi ... "Mommy, I'm going to make a wish."
so she blows the flower
Abi .... "I wished for a bowl of ice-cream."
she runs and picks another
Abi... "I wished to be a princess."
runs to pick another... blows
Abi ... "This time I wished for Avri to sleep all night and not wake me up."

She keeps me smiling....

Ten Months FLY BY!

How did this day come upon us so fast? In ten months, Avri has blossomed from a beautiful baby into a bundle of personality!! She is so happy and she lets everyone around her know it too! She explores through the house on her knees and stops if she finds anything interesting- like maybe some crumbs from Big Sis!! She waves to everyone- grocer clerks, gma & papa, daddy, neighbors, etc. Every morning when Tony gets home from work she says "Hi da-da" and waves. He loves it! One word I know she knows is "Kisses" she loves giving them- slobber and all, mouth wide open the same way Abi used to at her age. She had a third tooth come in last week and trying to cut a fourth one now. Her likes and dislikes:

LIKES:baby juice in her sippy cup, being tickled, climbing,cuddling at bedtime, eating kleenex(ughh!), pink flamingo zoo animal, princess chair, paci's, bike rides in baby seat on back of my bike, rides in the laundry basket, playing in bath with Abi .....and so much more!

DisLikes: sitting still long enough to get dressed, hair washed, chicken and noodles baby food ( have tried more than 5x - still spits it out!), teething, Abi crying.


Mommy loves you so much! ( pics taken this morning)

Tutu Time

The girls are so cute when they are playing in Abi's dress up chest!

Yogi Bear Part 3- Last one!

The kids at the swimming pool....

Avri has her swim suit on but she would rather eat than swim! (SURPRISE Huh?!)

The guys got in on some beach volleyball games.... The kids are rooting on their dads at the Beach volleyball games!

Some good action shots-

Avri and Aunt Julie..... The END!

Yogi Bear Part 2

Paddleboat ride- Abi is hiding behind Daddy.
Relaxing.... after a few good games of bags.
Yogi has an activity filed that every hour there is some type of event going on. Austin got in on flag football.
Shawn has two golf carts to zoom around the campground on.

Avri didnt seem too afraid of the fish! Knowing Avri she would probably eat it- why not- she eats everything else in sight!! :)

Not quite tall enough for the water slides.
They had a mining area for jewels and fossils.
Austin, my sisters other son- with his big catch of the day!
My brother and his wife Julie.

The group shot- Its our annual thing to have this picture taken!

Yogi Bear Campground Part 1

We went to Yogi Bear Campground in Amboy for 4 days last week. My brother and his family, who live up north-are fortunate to have a permanent site there, and its awesome! We had such a good time! My parents went also, my sister and her hubby and their kids too, so we were all there and EVERYONE had a great time! Avri proved to be a true camper because she kept up with all the fun! Here is Abi and Avri shortly after we got there with Haley and Kyle ( my brother's two)

Devin, my sister's oldest fishing with Abi and Kyle following behind
Abi and Kyle at b'fast with gma.

Abi's very first time fishing! Look at the size of that fish!!

She didnt want the fish to close.