Yogi Bear Campground Part 1

We went to Yogi Bear Campground in Amboy for 4 days last week. My brother and his family, who live up north-are fortunate to have a permanent site there, and its awesome! We had such a good time! My parents went also, my sister and her hubby and their kids too, so we were all there and EVERYONE had a great time! Avri proved to be a true camper because she kept up with all the fun! Here is Abi and Avri shortly after we got there with Haley and Kyle ( my brother's two)

Devin, my sister's oldest fishing with Abi and Kyle following behind
Abi and Kyle at b'fast with gma.

Abi's very first time fishing! Look at the size of that fish!!

She didnt want the fish to close.

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