Avri got a book from her school Christmas party, that had Dinosaur masks in it. They sure like scaring us with them.

A visit to Santa's house. The girls did pretty good considering. Abi wasn't to talkative and Avri, well she just wanted to get her candy cane.

Abi made yet another great Gingerbread house this year. ( Don't look to closely or you may spot Mommy's tape on the walls holding it up.))

Abi and Kaitlynn enjoying some pumpkin cheesecake after opening some presents for Christmas.
Avri loves her new bathtub toy from Uncle Rob.
Above is Abi with her first set of twin cousins, and she now has another set of twin GIRL cousins. Cameron and Peyton Delgado were born on Dec.13 in Houston. We cant wait to see/hold them. Perfect Christmas present for their mom and dad, Lisa & Carlos, two healthy beautiful baby girls.

Just doing what girls do best....

The girls love being silly, and they love having their picture taken! Pretty, pretty princesses.

The girls favorite Christmas card, the music one from Gma and Papa.

Abi's fish lessons..

Abi has been in swimming lessons for the last few months and enjoys it so much. I hope by summer time she will be much more comfortable in the water. You know, more like her sister, who has NO fear of the water! :)
Abi has a fabulous swim teacher which makes it that much more fun for her.

I attended Sheila's first annual Cookie exchange. It was good time and I brought home many good cookies. So good that Avri threw herself on the floor over one. Yep, only a few fights over who got which cookie.
Hello friends and family. As you can probably relate,the holidays added to our already busy schedule. So I haven't been so great on keeping you up-to date on events around our place.

I tried numerous times to get a good photo for the Christmas cards, and one would THINK this wouldn't be that hard of a task, right?! WRONG!!! A 4 yr old, a 2 yr old and a dog......equals~ no cooperation! Below are a couple tries... and more tries...

We had the opportunity to babysit Sharon and Mike's new baby boy, Kaydan, so they could have an "adult" dinner. He is so sweet! Someone got a bit jealous, and the girls fought over who could be closest to him or hold him.

Abi proud of her Lite Brite picture ( she FINALLY followed the pattern)

Christmas Baking at the holidays- Anyone that knows Abi, knows she LOVES to bake with mommy! And she is so good at it too!

A few snapshots from Thanksgiving- I believe my camera went dead that afternoon at my moms.

NFL Game

Tony and I recently attended an Indianapolis Colts vs Steelers game. We had a good time and the new Lucas Oil Stadium was awesome! We walked around before kick off and there was so much to see! Even a live band playing- very cool!

My company has a Lower Level Suite that we sat in- we were very thankful for the opportunity!

This would be a quick snapshot of the pass we were given as Tony and I were asked if we would like to go down on the field-Heck yeah! We were taken fast through a basement type with lots of security and out onto the field..sidelines, almost in front of the cheerleaders- yeah Tony loved that!
Thank you to the Company I work for and thank you to my family for taking such good care of the girls and making it a worry less trip!!!
It was a beautiful day and a nice time with my husband!