Hello friends and family. As you can probably relate,the holidays added to our already busy schedule. So I haven't been so great on keeping you up-to date on events around our place.

I tried numerous times to get a good photo for the Christmas cards, and one would THINK this wouldn't be that hard of a task, right?! WRONG!!! A 4 yr old, a 2 yr old and a dog......equals~ no cooperation! Below are a couple tries... and more tries...

We had the opportunity to babysit Sharon and Mike's new baby boy, Kaydan, so they could have an "adult" dinner. He is so sweet! Someone got a bit jealous, and the girls fought over who could be closest to him or hold him.

Abi proud of her Lite Brite picture ( she FINALLY followed the pattern)

Christmas Baking at the holidays- Anyone that knows Abi, knows she LOVES to bake with mommy! And she is so good at it too!

A few snapshots from Thanksgiving- I believe my camera went dead that afternoon at my moms.

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