Santa's note

Abi's book for Santa...... she stapled together for him....

We have visitors!!!!!

I cannot tell you how great it was to finally see Cameron, Peyton and Madison again. Ive only seen the babies once since they were born and they were about 6 months then... and there is tremendous change that happens from 6 months to a year.  They were even off bottles already!!! Cameron and Peyton, ( AND Madison, of course) are just beautiful. The smiles that are heartwarming that Ive seen in pics ...are even better in person. I don't think the weather was very good for them, to go from 75 degrees ( Texas) to what we've been having caused some sniffles during their visit. 
Abi and Avri were just as happy to have them here. The bigger girls ran around playing.

Jammie time for everyone!

Making some crafts....I think they were making puppets out of brown bags. And Cameron and Peyton were trying to get to the scraps that were falling onto the floor.

And the scraps on the table. :)  Watch out Mommy  (Aunt Lisa) when they start walking, which wont be long at all! 

Abi was always asking to hold one of the girls,not sure if she wanted to be held though :)

Merry Christmas!

Just a few snapshots of the living room area. I love this time of year- turn the fireplace on, lights out, tree twinkling,  and snuggle with the kids, ( AND Daddy ) and watch a movie.  Nothing better!

Santa Visit 2010

I don't know that is necessary to say too much, I think the pics explain it all.   :)
Avri talked Santa's ear off...told him she would leave cookies out for 100 years, she would feed his reindeer, and please bring her dog a ball, and on and on. 
As you can see, she had to talk for her big sister too. 


Abi being silly watching cartoons from the toy basket hamper thing....

This is a quick shot of our sofa table for the holiday. It now has a family pic of our Santa visit last year too in a cute Holiday frame.  Abi, Avri and I made these glitter trees. They were fun and easy to make and they look so pretty! 

Avri's soccer season is over. These are from her last game.  Thank goodness she wanted to play this day, the week before she told coaches and ref's ...she just wanted to watch- and would not get off the bleachers.  STINKER!!!

She got her FIRST MEDAL!!


We always decorate cookies... wait...let me rephrase that...The Girls always decorate cookies, sometimes more than once around the holidays. Its a passion of Abi's.  As you can see they ( she) takes it very serious! :)

GOOD WORK girls!!  Love your cookies!

Kindergarten Music Concert

Abi had her first music concert of the school year.  Adorable to see them all up there ...some so theatrical at this age!  A few pics before we left for the show.  Avri's big smile...

Abi posing in her new dress for the occasion.

I tried to copy and paste this one, sent from Abi's friends mom.  They looked so Pretty!

IS this what your guys do after the Thanksgiving meal??? :)
Abi and her cousin Kyle playing Connect Four...sweet. 
 A nice relaxing Thanksgiving was had again this year.  Nothing beats hanging with the family.