Abi had a small meltdown this morning--I bought her some new Cinderella gloves yesterday and she could not get her fingers in the right holes this morning. Poor thing- she struggled all the way to school. She was so upset over it. So.....mommy will be on a Cinderella MITTEN hunt!

Abi is not only a smart cookie- but has a good sniffer too! She recognized I had on a new scent from Bath and Body Works a few weeks ago. AND this morning, Tony went to give her a hug and a kiss goodbye..and she said "Daddy! Whats that I smell?" with a big grin--- She caught him! He had just eaten a couple of her chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. She is something!!

A local tattoo shop was advertising on television they will give free tattoos for donations for toys for the "Toys for Tots" drive. She didn't hesitate to ask us if she could get a tattoo. Thankfully she was satisfied with the Tinkerbell and dog paw tattoos daddy put on her then.

My personal baker

Abi made us the best chocolate chip cookies ever last night! Since she was old enough to sit on the counter she has been helping me in the kitchen- and now she loves to bake!

Avri being honry while Abi was busy baking.....
and a pic of Baby Luke Doolin- so sweet!

new baby in town...

Its a cold Monday morning, and sorry I have no new pics to update my blog with. Life is good- everyone is healthy in the house ( knock on wood). Tony has been working a ton of hours- and me and the girls have been doing our thing. We spent the weekend visiting family and friends. That's about all we did. Started with my gma, then to Aunt Lorie's, then home for naps and then to my girlfriend's Sheila's house for pizza. Which brings me to.... the new baby!! Sat. night after we left and the other couples left, Sheila's water broke! She had a precious baby boy, Luke, 6lbs and 9 ozs. CONGRATS DOOLINS!!! We love you guys! And Drake is officially a big brother now! Then Sunday me and the girls headed to Springfield to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend, Julie, and her family. Abi had a ball playing with her two boys.

Soon I'll get the camera back out. Hugs to you all- Tammi

Soaking up the warm weather

Who would have thought on November 1, we would be enjoying the entire day outside?

Abi and Daddy caught 6 butterflies and saved them in her bug box. Abi took Avri on MANY trips around the house in her jeep ( sorry Avri for the whiplash) and we spent some time at the park!

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We took our lunch to the park and had another picnic.....I dread the thought of being cooped up in the house this winter!

And on Sunday, it was just as beautiful out! The girls enjoyed lunch at their picnic table. This was Avri's first time sitting and actually eating at the table. It was so cute, she fell backwards once and laid on her back with her food in hand and continued to eat! Nothing comes between her and her food!

Wedding reception

One of my cousins got married a few weeks ago on the white sands of Panama City Beach, FL. ( is that not awesome!!!)

Congrats Eric &Jill!

Saturday was the reception.

Unfortunately, all my pics from the reception came out blurry. But I had to share this one. Abi met this little girl, Carli, at the reception and they danced the night away. Here they are slow dancing. Too cute!

A, B, C's

Lately, Abi has been so interested in writing. "How do you spell Laney, Mommy?" "How do you spell Fishy?" "How do you spell snowman?" She is blowing our minds at how good she is doing at writing. ( remind you, she is only 3 yrs and5 months) She can sit down and write a few words with out even asking because she has practiced them so much. Mommy and Daddy both. And now Halloween because she has done it so much! I caught her in my room below, copying words from a Halloween book- ( priceless! with my shoes on)

This I took this morning on our way to Sharon's. She did this without even asking how to spell it! ( it says Avri in case you cant read it!)

Trick or Treat

Ok,.. I think Halloween may be up there for one of Abi's favorites. She had so much fun! The weather was great which made it so much more fun for the girls (and us!) I normally stay back and hand out candy- but it was to nice outside to miss out, so I pulled Avri in the wagon as Tony and Abi went up to each house on our street. Then Abi spent the rest of the evening eating her pizza in the entry way passing out candy. Her and Daddy had a system down, he did the boys and she got to do the girls. She enjoyed this as much as trick or treating.

They sure were cute!! Abi has already decided what she will be for the next 4 years: Peter Pan, a unicorn, a rainbow, and Snow White. :)