A few snapshots, Abi & I taking a pic of ourselves....
Abi playing hairdresser early Saturday morning.

The girls eating their egg breakfast sandwiches in their play cottage...
On the weekends, Abi climbs in Avri's crib and the laughter is on...they are SO cute!
Abi headed to get her dance recital pictures taken- minus the face piece. They are lions for the dance.

At the rehearsal...I simply cant wait for her first dance recital! :)

Happy Friday!

So Abi gets in the car after daycare and I tell her I have reserved a SUPER FUN Place for her birthday party coming up. And she replies..."OH GOOD! IS it Disney world?"

Me (laughing): "NO, its not Disney World!"

Abi (excited): "IS it Florida?"

Me (still laughing): "NO, its not Florida."

I'm starting to get worried at this point..... the high hopes she has for her 5th birthday!! WOW!

Abi ( excitement decreasing some) " IS it Chuckee Cheese?"

ME: "No, honey its not Chuckee Cheese."

Thank Goodness when I told her we are having the party at Dynamite Gymnastics she wasn't disappointed. This will be her first year having a "friend" party. Should be fun. She took tumbling here for months and they offer a Birthday package that sounds really cool! I'm all for keeping the kids happy and taking the entertainment off of me!

And an update on Ms. Avri- she is officially wearing Big girl underwear all day (with the exception of nap time and bedtime- pull ups then). I'm super excited for her and she is super proud too! She gets stickers all day at daycare for going potty, and she loves all her new underwear she has. WAY TO GO AVRI!


Abi's class had a tea party, and my mom and I attended. As with most tea parties, they were told to wear their crazy hats. Abi couldn't make her mind up so here she is with both hats she took, tiara and hat.

I love this age! She looks so forward to these type of events at school!
A few snapshots from my cell phone- This is Abi during cuddle time. We always have "cuddle" time before she falls asleep. She holds my hand and I sit on the floor next to her bed for a few minutes...I think I may still be doing this when she is 18- she LOVES cuddle time!

Abi doing what she LOVES to do- she has a ton of journals where she writes. She is learning to spell and she loves writing.

And Avri pretending to read my Oprah magazine.

Avri at the park.

The girls having dessert at the Mexican restaurant. Not a drip on that plate when they were done!

We went to the Scovill Zoo last weekend after church. It actually ended up being hotter than we expected and I didn't have sunscreen with me. You can tell the girls were hot. We still had a good time and managed to see the entire zoo, ride the train and the carousel

And we ended the Zoo visit with messy sno- cones.
Abi had a friend over and they enjoyed the day outside. What a Beautiful weekend we have had! I LOVE it!

Painting in the driveway.


A week before Easter the girls colored eggs. Avri was more interested in how stained she could get her fingers:) The girls have always loved doing this and Abi is still amazed at the "magical" crayon she uses and then dips in the colors and her writing then appears!

Ive only gotten to eat one hard boiled egg out of the TWO dozen colored, Ms. Abi LOVES Hard boiled eggs and eats about three a night along with her dinner! Avri doesn't care for them but enjoys peeling them.


Abi came and woke me up and asked to me to peek in the living room and make sure that the Easter Bunny was gone. She then told me she heard him "chewing" in the middle of the night. She left him a snack, she had wanted to leave carrots, but we chose cookies instead. The bunny didn't seem to mind.
Here's Avri already into the treats in her basket by 7:30 AM. Yes, I let her have chocolate in the morning! Easter is only once a year!

The girls got magformers- and love them!

Posing for the camera before church...

She is soo funny- when I tell her "say cheese".....

Headed to Gma and Papa's (my parents) after church for an Easter dinner.
Aunt Lorie made the girls baskets filled with goodies!
And the Bunny hid eggs in Gma and Papa's back yard again this year.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Easter day! Abi drew a hopscotch and everyone gave it a try.

We even flew butterfly kites at Gma's house.