Happy Friday!

So Abi gets in the car after daycare and I tell her I have reserved a SUPER FUN Place for her birthday party coming up. And she replies..."OH GOOD! IS it Disney world?"

Me (laughing): "NO, its not Disney World!"

Abi (excited): "IS it Florida?"

Me (still laughing): "NO, its not Florida."

I'm starting to get worried at this point..... the high hopes she has for her 5th birthday!! WOW!

Abi ( excitement decreasing some) " IS it Chuckee Cheese?"

ME: "No, honey its not Chuckee Cheese."

Thank Goodness when I told her we are having the party at Dynamite Gymnastics she wasn't disappointed. This will be her first year having a "friend" party. Should be fun. She took tumbling here for months and they offer a Birthday package that sounds really cool! I'm all for keeping the kids happy and taking the entertainment off of me!

And an update on Ms. Avri- she is officially wearing Big girl underwear all day (with the exception of nap time and bedtime- pull ups then). I'm super excited for her and she is super proud too! She gets stickers all day at daycare for going potty, and she loves all her new underwear she has. WAY TO GO AVRI!

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PattiZ said...

loved all the updates. I just want to give them both hugs when I see their pics.