Mobile upload randomness

Tonight I uploaded some randoms pics from my phone. Have some really cute ones. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer to the fullest!

Abi modeling her new tumbling piece after a good night of tumbling!

Abi getting ready for her school 4th of July parade.

Avri with her first ear of corn. She loved it, imagine that!

Me on the golf course the other day- not to sure what i was doing- so don't look at the stance closely!

Abi had her face painted at the Maroa 4th of July festivities.

Catching some zzzz's in the car....

Avri at Chuckee Cheese.

Maroa park

Abi put together and painted a birdhouse she got for her 4th birthday from great gma.

Lunchtime Duckies!

I may have alot of pics on this- but if you could have been here and seen the excitement on Avri's face when we fed the ducks you would understand why I went camera happy. FINALLY the ducks were hungry, so many times we feed the ducks and they ignore us- but not today! They practically ate out of our hands! And Little Ms. Avri, whom loves all animal types, got SOO excited! Nothing better than a child smile and laughter!

I recently joined Tony on the golf course- a first for me! Ive always wondered what it was about that sport that has Tony so hooked. It has become a passion of his over the last few years, so I had to see what it was all about! :)

I pretty much stunk- had no clue how to hold the club, etc. But I had fun- Tony was coaching me- and giving me some pointers. I enjoyed just driving the cart and watching him- he really impressed me! Thanks T, love ya!

A Weekend Getaway

We recently spent the weekend with some friends and their family at their cabin on Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana. ( Indiana Beach). Basically I would say their second home- and they graciously welcomed us in for the weekend and we had an absolute FANTASTIC time!
Here are the kids in order: Addison, Avri, Abi and Zack.

Addison and Avri share the same birthday

Abi and Zack born one day apart. Jami and I were prego buddies. Ive always told her next time she is on her own. :)
Avri on her very first boat ride. Would you believe she didn't like that I wanted her to sit? Avri, Nooo?!?!

ABI TUBING FOR HER FIRST TIME!! She did great! Mommy was proud of her!

The girls had such a good time at the beach. We pretty much lived there. And when it was time to come back home Sunday Abi started crying, she so didn't want to leave.
We recently celebrated Abi and Avri's cousin, Madison,5th birthday at the zoo.

Here's the birthday girl with her momma on the Scovill Zoo Express.

Abi pooped out before her sister did- so yes Avri pushed her in the stroller for a bit.
Madison lives in Houston, Texas so we don't see her near as much as we would like too! And Madison will be a BIG sister come January!! TIMES TWO!!!! Lisa is expecting twins- so another set of twins in the family! :)