One...... TWO!

10-19-09...Avri turns TWO!




Two cuties, Two sweethearts and Two Drama Queens...

The girls were posing for me before the party- They are such hamms.

Avri and Sharon...the girls miss her!

Avri trying out the Barbie Hot wheels- legs not quite long enough yet. But thats ok- pushing its cool too. :)

Tony holding the Dora pinata.

Avri spread out all her new puzzles- she is so into them right now!

The party was on Sunday, her actual Birthday was on Monday. Avri took rainbow cupcakes to share with her friends at daycare. Then we played some in the afternoon and then out for some chips and cheese dip at a local Mexican restaurnat and then home to decorate pumpkins. She had a great Birthday!
Here she is showing me where she wants the pieces to go on her pumpkin.

Abi sure is proud of hers- a princess pumpkin.

Avri talking...

I sat at the kid sized princess table tonight, clock read 8:03 pm...across from me was Avri in her jammies, with her milk sippy cup and her bowl of teddy grahams ( bedtime snack is a must in our house)....and as we sat across from each other...we held a conversation. How is this so? how did my baby girl grow up so fast that now she can hold a conversation with me? In 6 days she will be graduating from ONE to TWO. So many changes in her lately...she talks more than sentences! She tells you just what she wants....she loves to make us laugh. She has the silliest faces and looks....and she so cracks Abi up! She has gone potty many, many times but I haven't pushed it to much yet.

At the princess table I did discover she may be a bit disappointed at her bdayparty... I said..

"Are you ready for your Dora birthday party?


"No its a Dora party."

"no, ELMO!"

"Ummm...pumpkin...Dora parties are fun....."