Paci Fairy visits the Tertocha household...

The time had come. It was time for the Paci Fairy to pay us a visit. If your a follower of my blog then you have noticed that there aren't too many times Avri is with out a paci. I know that the paci has been comforting since birth for her, but at 2 yrs and 3 months, its time to give it up, although I'm sure she would disagree. So knowing this was going to be one of the hardest things she has done thus far in her 2 yrs of life, we decided to have her leave them for the paci fairy in hopes the paci fairy would be so kind to make a trade for them. :)
Here is Avri giving it one last moment....

She went through the house and collected them all, and put them all in a shiny blue box. Then she sadly placed them on the front porch. Bedtime wasn't easy this night , or the next, or the next...get my point.:)

And the paci fairy came through! She not only left a trace of her fairy dust all over the front porch, but she left Avri's favorite thing ever- BOOTS! And pink cowboy boots at that, and stickers, candy, jewelry, and a Snow white doll.

She enjoyed all her new things. She is such a sweetheart! Now that the paci is gone we can see that honry, adorable smile always, and hear her talk more clearly.

We love you Avri!

Family time

Tony and I had a small family pizza get-together for Devin the night after his party, and the day before he left. Just a few snapshots from the night.

Devin and his proud mom.

As some of you may know- Devin left as planned on 01-25, however, once he got down to St. Louis with his recruiter, there was some paperwork from his first knee surgery missing. So long story short they sent him back home, and now has to wait until 02-18 to have a consult with the Navy Dr. to be sure he is clear on his knee, and then leave. So we will once again say our goodbyes and wish him luck! :)

Devin's going away party

As Ive mentioned before- my nephew Devin, has joined the Navy and is scheduled to leave next week. There was a party thrown in his honor at Sliders Grill. It was a great time for all ages, and I believe Devin really enjoyed it. I know our girls enjoyed the jukebox music!

Avri taking a rest...cutie!

Kids getting some pool lessons.

When the little ones were ready to go we headed over to gma and papas house for a bit. And the favorite requested book read by Papa before calling it a night!