Another Family weekend at Yogi Bear Campground

We spent a weekend at Yogi Bear Campground in Amboy, IL. in July. Fun was had by all.
Here is Abi, Haley & Avri enjoying the pools!

Getting ready for the hayride.

There is a Craft barn full of activities and a game room. Abi and Haley made tie-dye shirts again this year. Abi had outgrown the one she made last year.

Looks like grandma is doing all the work?

Golf carts are always loaded- Everyone likes to zoom around the campground!

We ALL got a good laugh at watching Avri with her"flarp". This kept her busy for hours. Yes its a putty that makes farting noises and she thought it was hysterical. We sure got a kick out of her laughing over and over and over!
Avri sharing with Aunt Lorie her "FLARP" talent.....

Everyone chillin.... it was Christmas in July this particular weekend and we were waiting on the Christmas parade to start.

Dynamite Gymnastics

5 months ago, Abi started tumbling class at Dynamite. As you can see- its really hard to get good pics due to the constant movement and jumping. She loves it! Next Monday we start in the 4 and 5 yr old class so should get a little more interesting and challenging.
I tell ya the true challenge is keeping little Ms. Avri off the mats during Abi's class time! :) She'll be in as soon as she is old enough!

summer fun

This is one of those warm nights we got home from work and daycare and the girls wanted to go out and play and not take time to get swimsuits on. Abi stripped down to her underwear and Avri just got soaked in her clothes.

Avri always has to make dinnertime interesting.

Visited my parents at the campground one weekend.

Busy coloring....

And a boat ride on Lake Shelbyville .Of course any boat ride with Papa means a visit to the Subway on the lake for some ice cream. The girls liked that!