School Halloween Party ( better late than never)

I had the pleasure of being a helper with Abi's Fall Festival Classroom Party....  I'm so glad I did too- lots of fun!

The adorable girls of her classroom in costume...
The cute boys of her classroom in costume...

Her teacher along with all the Kindergarten teachers were the Cat in the Hat Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 etc!                                               They were great!
The school parade outside...

The prettiest Super girl Ive ever seen!

Playing Hot Pumpkin...down to four....
Candy Corn Spoon game....

Wrap the mummy game.... Abi and her friend...

Abi having some difficulty....

And Abi's favorite- FREEZE DANCE to some Halloween Monster Mash Music!!

Its Friday! Its Friday! (I'm doing my Its Friday dance...)

I love Fridays, and its rubbed off on the girls as they love Fridays too!  They have asked many times  "is it Friday yet", or "how many days til Friday?"......    This will be short and sweet-  and will give you an inside look at things that have been taking place at the Tertocha household through the week......Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

        *  According to Avri she informs us she used to be a firetruck. Seriously!! She has told us many many times this week!! (okay Avri, whatever you say sweet pea :)!   
            *  Abi told me that a little boy in her class told her that another little boy in her class "loves her".   ( Mommy GULP/fighting back big smile) I asked "What did you do?"  She said TOLD THE TEACHER!  :)  
          * Avri  has been introducing herself as Dee-Dee. We have no idea where this comes from.  We don't know a Dee-Dee.  She is blaming Dee-Dee for things when she gets in trouble too-she says  "Dee-Dee did it".....  hmmmm...Tony and I are wondering should we be worried????  :)   
           * We are now close enough to Christmas that we are daily using the tactic  "Santa is watching YOU!!"             
         *  Avri told me at her cuddle time..." My god is in my heart and my belly. Where is your God, Mommy?" her!
         *Abi has now learned at Kindergarten (obviously at recess and not in the classroom) that the middle finger is bad-..I couldn't believe it!!!  She just simply said "Mommy- I know whats really I'm going to do it real fast to show you..."   ohhh myyyy....  the things they learn when we let them out of our wings.
        *Every morning, Avri puts up a fight for a dress, and ONLY a dress.  Not skirts-  she has about 10 skirts, but no chance of those-  according to her they don't twirl enough.  ( I'm thinking-  are you KIDDING me- your 3- your not supposed to care what you wear!!) So believe me, when she gets her dress on she spins to make sure....AND she says the same thing EVERY morning, "My friends at school are going to say...oooohhhh at Avri"  :)
       We are like all families-  total chaos of the evenings,  busy... busy, dinners, baths/showers, read books, maybe squeeze in a game....  but busy is good.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

                Busy means we are all healthy and able!!  I'm very thankful!  



Avri watched  her sister from the sidelines play soccer this fall and she asked many times when could she play? At first I told her she had to wait til she was 5 like sissy...but she kept asking...  so I found a different Y program that offered soccer for 3 yr olds.  She had her birthday JUST in time-  she had to be three by Oct. 30.  But this also means she is the youngest by far on her team. 
BUT at the first game this last Saturday-  age was no factor!! 
She was AWESOME!! talk about FUN to watch  -  I couldn't take my eyes off her-  she ran for the ENTIRE 30 minutes up and down the soccer court with a HUGE Smile-  she loved every second of it!    She was right in there making her way to the ball.  AND within the first minute of the game-  at the furthest opposite end of the court, she got the ball and kicked it all the way down and scored!!!
It was so cool- and luckily Tony was filming, so we have watched it a few times.  Really, really cute!

We are yellow shirts...she is in the front there with the pigtails.

Sunday at breakfast..."When is it soccer day?"

Winter Dress Up

Abi LOVES to get in the basket and put on the winter stuff as dress up-  too cute!

Multiple Halloween Events

Like all families,we had multiple Halloween events.   These are a few of the parade at the daycare Avri goes too ( and Abi after school).  Avri was a beautiful Cinderella. With pink cowboy boots instead of shiny glass slippers. She INSISTED, and I didn't argue- it was her Halloween costume!:)

A friend of the girls-  as a beautiful Fairy! a witch. A good witch as she told everyone~

Medal Time

Abi's fall soccer season has come to an end.  I don't see professional soccer in her future. :) Overall- she had a good time- she just doesn't have the energy level it takes to run up and down the field the whole game-  but as for the social part- she enjoyed it!

At the end of the game- her coach had a nice, quick medal ceremony.  The coach called them up one by one and made comments on each player.  When he got to Abi, he called her the Princess of the Team.( SO TRUE!!)  He said she had learned how to manage the ball good but needed to learn how to push the boys out of the way!

She was proud of her medal!
Good Job Abi!!