Happy Birthday KYLE!!!!

See my handsome nephew Kyle...we celebrated his Birthday recently at Chuckee Cheese.

Spring School Musical

Kindergartners put on a musical "Farmer and the Dell" for the Spring Show. We took some family pics prior to going.  Abi has an apron on-  she was to dress like a wife for the Farmer and the Dell.

Avri-  you can always count on that smile!!

Gma and Papa came to watch too!

Spring Break BABY!

We are new to this School Spring Break thing..so I was so shocked when we learned Abi had a full week off!
 Why do I not remember it being this when I was in school?

So we planned a small trip to St. Louis.  We purchased Disney on Ice tickets for the trip.  Here are the girls LITERALLY 10 Minutes after walking into our hotel room door. NO JOKE!! They were beyond anxious to go swimming- not real sure why since they both have swam all winter long at their swim lessons.  But anywhooo...here they are posing in their swimsuits,,,,

Afterwards...waiting on the elevator AND  freezing :)
We stayed across from Union Station so we walked over to eat a nice dinner before the Disney Ice show.   The girls ooohhhh and awwwing over the amount and size of the fish outside the Union Station, and they fed them.

And we are patiently waiting for the show to start-:)

Lets see... thru the night they talked us into Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Ariels fish friend Flounder HAT, Lighted up Ariel musical wands.... 

The show was AWESOME!! I highly recommend it to everyone ....of all ages!   We will definitely keep an eye out for the Disney on Ice Princess Classics to come within traveling area...  This particular show was Mickey and Minnies Magical Journey- had a lot of Princesses in the show-  BUT did not have Cinderella...someone had high hopes of meeting Cinderella this night. We are going to have to plan our trip to Disneyworld this year. Pretty sure we will - they are SO READY!  ( so is MOMMY!!!)
These are pictures after the show on our walk back to hotel.  WE had so much fun!!

The next day we visited the St Louis City Museum...OH MY GOSH!  THIS PLACE ROCKS!!  Beyond any Childrens Museum we've ever visited.  We spent the entire day here and had a BLAST- look it up and visit!  AND be sure to wear your tennis shoes!
As you can tell Avri wasn't a fan of the caves down under ...  basically because it was dark- Abi was lovin' it!!

Abi got invited to a friends birthday party at Chuckee Cheese so we tagged along...here is Avri with her school friend Connor D.

Abi and Kennadee

Avri and Ms. Kelsey....  one of our FAV's at daycare!!


This is the seal that a nurse, complete stranger (at that time) bought Abi while we were at the hospital-  she felt bad that Abi had to come back for a third blood draw to prepare for her tonsilectomy.
The sweetest gesture ever!!  Thank you Christy!
And Abi loves it and the seal did in fact, accompany her into surgery!

Avri's class had a Valentines Day party and she had to make her own box at home to take - so we made a little  "LOVE BUG".....  for my little Love Bug. 

Abi's daycare class worked very hard for a few months on a play, Wizard of Oz. Abi had the part of a Munchkin.  Can you find her?.... She is the one cheesing!!

And afterwards with one of her  FAV daycare teachers.
A recent craft project....me and the girls LUV to do crafty crafts-
Buy ya some Glass gems at the Dollar Store.... and some small magnets....

And  VIOLA... you have these cute magnets!  We found fun scrapbook paper and cut the size of the glass gem to fit, wrote on some, cute small pics or stickers for some....and Mod Podge glued them to the gem.
Girls made some special ones for gifts....here is where I got the cute idea.

Abi made some very special Valentines on her own. take a look...this one just melts my heart-  this is forever a keepsake.... 

Abi's Reading Test...  Her Daddy and I are Super Duper proud of her...
 and look how well she is doing in swim class.... GO ABI!!!

A week or so before her tonsils were removed- she just kept drawing pictures and writing tonsils on them...hmmm???? silly girl....

And little Ms. Avri got sick for a bit -  its just been the longest winter- EVER!  She was on breathing treatments for about 5 days to get rid of all that junk... see that smile still?

And after she got to feeling better....she will pose for the camera ANY DAY...ANY TIME!

And I leave you with a picture-  see I'm not the only one dreaming of camping season and camp fires ...Abi drew this in the car on the way to Springfield one day...