NFL Game

Tony and I recently attended an Indianapolis Colts vs Steelers game. We had a good time and the new Lucas Oil Stadium was awesome! We walked around before kick off and there was so much to see! Even a live band playing- very cool!

My company has a Lower Level Suite that we sat in- we were very thankful for the opportunity!

This would be a quick snapshot of the pass we were given as Tony and I were asked if we would like to go down on the field-Heck yeah! We were taken fast through a basement type with lots of security and out onto the field..sidelines, almost in front of the cheerleaders- yeah Tony loved that!
Thank you to the Company I work for and thank you to my family for taking such good care of the girls and making it a worry less trip!!!
It was a beautiful day and a nice time with my husband!


Our Halloween Cuties....

Tinkerbell and Cookie Monster

I loved these pictures- there excitement for Gma and Papa to answer their door and see them!

We started early and made many visits before landing back home to Trick or Treat our street. One stop was Sharon's, their old sitter. Here is a group pic.. minus Tinkerbell...she was in the bathroom. I love Halloween! Abi has planned what she will be the next 4 years- of course its each princess.

More Halloween Pics.. We did carve pumpkins one night...The girls were'nt too crazy about the "goop" inside- but sure liked making happy pumpkins faces and lighting them up later.

At the kids daycare there was a Halloween parade... here's our cute Tinkerbell...

And our COOKIE MONSTER! Avri wasn't so sure about the parade. She basically walked into the gym and spotted my mom and I and came over to us.