Abi's school Halloween Party

Today was Abi's party. Mommy's tired! :) I offered to help and it was a lot of fun, did I say I was tired? :) Craziness. They visited each office - would sing two Halloween songs and get treats and off to the next office. Just a challenge to get approx 30 kids to follow a single line when there is candy involved! Enjoy the pics- Abi is Cinderella..(of course she would be, she picked out her own Halloween costume!)

Decorating Pumpkins...

Tony was off Saturday, so we decorated pumpkins. Abi did the first one in markers- not sure why I don't have a picture of her doing that- but she put a rainbow on the front and smiley faces on the back. Then we did one with a pumpkin decorating kit- kinda like her Mr Potato Head. It was a Princess - so cute!

Then we did the Jack-O-Lantern one. She wasn't to big in diggin' out the yuk inside. She did a few handfuls and quit- she said it was like cobwebs. So Daddy got to clean out the rest-

FALL Family Picture

Two weekends ago my immediate family had our pics taken together- something my Mom has always wanted to do, but was waitng for everyone to be done having kids. :) Pretty sure we're all done... so take a look ..... ( just click on Miller Studio) Miller Studio


All I could say is... Please tell mommy its not on the walls..... Not sure yet why Abi decided to take her clothes off and color on herself, but she did. One of those Kodak Moments I guess.

Yummy! Birthday Cake!

Avri didnt get very messy on her first "smash cake." She probably thought ...."this tastes too good to waste..." :)

It was nice enough to play outside a little during the party. So Tony gave the kids rides on his 4 wheeler. They loved it!

Did I say the kids? Oh, and my Dad too!! He's still a kid at heart!!!

Lets Celebrate!

Avri's bday party was later that day. She had a great time! She did pretty good at opening
presents too.

Great Gma and the Birthday girl.

Can you tell she loves her new toys? More to come.... with Avri and her first birthday cake :)

Avri turns 1...

Sunday, October 19.... Avri turned 1. It was a very special day and sad day all in one. Special because my baby girl was celebrating her first birthday of many and sad because my baby is growing up entirely too fast. She took up walking a few days prior to her big day and has mastered it pretty well, with a few tumbles here and there. We sang to Avri as soon as she woke up and we let her open her presents.
Abi has carried her babydoll EVERYWHERE. School, to the store, to the mall, to the bathroom, to bed every night, where you see Abi, you see "Baby". Well in the last month Avri has been taking "Baby" away from Abi. So for Avri's bday, Abi picked out on her very own a baby doll for sissy. I hope that Avri takes to her new doll instead of continuing to want Abi's.