Interview with Miss Abi

I was "tagged" by friend Jami to have the following Q &A with Abi. Thanks Jami for tagging me! I loved hearing her answers!

Q. How old are you? A. "Three."

Q. How old is Mommy? A. "This many." She held up the right number on each hand. ( I wont be sharing the number. :)

Q. How old is Daddy? A. "He told me 14."

Q. How do you bake a cake? A. She did the stirring motion.

Q. When is your birthday? A. "May 18." (she's right!)

Q. What is your favorite color? A. "Purple and pink."

Q. What is your favorite animal? A. "Lion, horse, zebra and lion."

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up? A. "Ummm... a Wedding girl."