what kids say and do...

Abi and Avri make me SMILE everyday with something they say or do.

Avri yelled "ABBBBBBBBBI! ABBBBBBBBI" during tumbling class until Abi pops up and looks her way and waves- it was too cute!

Abi has this memory that floors us- lately she has been quoting different movies- its just cracks me up! Out of the blue, at dinner or during our cuddle time, she will say something and then tell me what movie its from!

Last night at dinner she said " YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN." and she informed us you can only say it after someone says something funny- :)

She has been telling me the last couple nights I was the most beautiful person she has seen in "her whole wide world"- melts my heart- ( or else she knows her birthday is 3 weeks away???)

She loves to watch the "dancing show" she calls it (Dancing with the Stars).

I must give them 100 kisses a piece every night- I love them so much~

Happy Birthday Mom!

We recently celebrated my mom's birthday. We tried to pull off a "surprise" party- but she knew something was up! We celebrated with family and friends at Carlos O Kellys.

My mother is very special to me~ words can not describe what a wonderful person she is. She is beautiful, honest, nurturing, patient, kind, generous, giving, the list goes on. Truly someone I admire! My sister, brother and I would not hesitate to tell you HOW Blessed we are to have such a wonderful mother!


The egg hunts continued through out Easter day. We met Tony's family in Spitler Park. The girls found candy filled eggs in the woods. Madison, Kaitlynn, Kaleigh, Abi and Avri had fun. Abi keeps telling me still to this day her and Madison "heard" something in the woods....

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs in Gma and Papa's backyard too- The girls had fun darting around finding them and had even more fun finding out they were filled with nail polishes and bracelets and coins.

Papa helping Avri find some eggs. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch afterwards with many of my family.

A little late...Easter pics

Yeah I have been a bad blogger lately~ been busy! Here are pics from Easter time. Abi coloring eggs and the buckets full from the Easter Bunny. A few of the girls in action finding the hidden eggs.

A few pics of the girls in the morning before we headed to church and for the Easter festivities. They looked beautiful!