Playing in the snow- Abi made some snow angels in the front yard.

A weekend Getaway

Tony and I and the girls all have cabin fever bad! If there is one thing I don't like, its definitely being couped up!! We took off last weekend to a nearby indoor water park, Grand Bear Lodge. it was a much needed break and good family time. In addition to the indoor water park, there is an indoor amusement park with many kids rides. The last time we were there, Abi was only 2 and was much too little to ride any. This time was a much different story- she rode almost all of them. Even the ones Tony wasn't too sure HE wanted to ride! Abi has developed a lot less fear of things lately, and it showed on the rides and in the water!

This would be Avri when Daddy and sissy were riding those BIG people rides, she wasn't too happy to be left out!!

Abi making herself right at home in the lobby. Eating candy she won with all her tickets from the arcade zone.
And the waterpark...
These pics make it look like we have the place to ourselves, not the case. But since the girls don't know what it means to sleep in yet, we were one of the first ones there when they opened on our second day there. :)

Daddy, Abi and Avri waiting in the lobby for the bedtime story to be read by Grizzly Jack and the Bear.

Avri and Daddy under the waterfall
When we got home Abi was whining she didnt want to be home, she wanted to "stay there 100 days."
Someone very special to our girls, Ms. Valerie.

Phone upload randoms...

Today's temps were so cold,we chose to stay in, again. We've had to do that alot lately. I'm so ready ( girls too!) for spring/summer! So Abi did what she does best-baked/decorated cookies. Hearts and flowers today.

You want to know my comment on this one. Lets just say my hip was hurting after about 2 games with her!No pics to post of that!! :)

This would be MY dress from a New Years Eve many moons ago. She loved playing dress up with my older dresses.

Abi LOVES to climb in her sisters crib when she wakes up from nap time.

Avri came to me and said "Bye- Bye, going shopping at the mall." ( This would be a different weekend we were housebound due to the weather.)

Abi had a friend over from school.

More Christmas 2009 ...

Papa opening his present very carefully from Haley and Kyle- Never know what they'll get him- always the laugh of the Christmas...

Yep, they didn't let him down again this year! :)

Papa hands Avri a heavy one.

Abi and Aunt Lorie...

Gma's jar with a reason for each day of the month why Abi loves her so much!

Santa comes to the Tertocha house

Santa found our house Christmas morning, we weren't too sure at times if he would skip us...but he did come and leave the girls lots and lots of fun stuff! Avri loves the camera he left in her stocking.

Gma and Papa stop by in the morning,

Abi got ( or was it meant for Daddy? :) a remote control Duck. "Duck" like the ride we ride every year in Branson that Abi just loves. They call it a "Duck", but its a boat on wheels that takes a street tour in Branson and then takes you into the water too. They let kids drive while in the water and Abi got to drive. Its one of her many favorite things to do while we are in Branson.

Christmas Eve...

We got together and did our annual White Elephant gift exchange fun on Christmas Eve with some aunts, uncles and cousins and had a great time. Always quite comical what some get!

Ashley reading Abi a book later in the evening....

Baby Chad putting on a strip show...HA! No, I think he was getting a bit hot.

My cousin and her fiance' traveled the furthest to not miss the White Elephant fun, they traveled from San Diego, CA. They are planning a wedding for this summer! Can not wait! Although, makes me feel a bit OLD, I babysat Kellie and her brother Chad a lot when they were little ones.