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Today's temps were so cold,we chose to stay in, again. We've had to do that alot lately. I'm so ready ( girls too!) for spring/summer! So Abi did what she does best-baked/decorated cookies. Hearts and flowers today.

You want to know my comment on this one. Lets just say my hip was hurting after about 2 games with her!No pics to post of that!! :)

This would be MY dress from a New Years Eve many moons ago. She loved playing dress up with my older dresses.

Abi LOVES to climb in her sisters crib when she wakes up from nap time.

Avri came to me and said "Bye- Bye, going shopping at the mall." ( This would be a different weekend we were housebound due to the weather.)

Abi had a friend over from school.

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