Fall soccer
  We had some pretty cold mornings out there this Fall. Avri is the one with the pink princess stocking cap on.
She is so darn fun to watch play soccer!!

Turing the BIG FOUR. 
I sit and try to think how to describe Avri at this age. 

There is no "one" word 
She is .....








A Leader

I love this little girl to pieces.  You never ever know what finny thing she will say next.  She is always always trying to make you laugh! 

Look at how cute that is-  perfect for her new "horse" room........
Gma got this cute picture.

                           She got a stuffed horse from Gma too- and she sleeps with it every night.

                           And a white horse from Aunt Lorie- and she sleeps with it too.  :)
 "Here Gma, can you help me put hair prettys in my new horse.....  that I've named Lila."    :)

On the night of her actual Birthday....she gets presents from her sissy. Picked out just by Abi-
  Abi insisted on  more smelly good stuff from Bath and Body works, she said so she will quit stealing hers.
                                                 Yep, at this age it has already started.....

A date night with Mommy.  I bought the girls tickets to a Sleeping Beauty play.
They are so pretty!

Abi was in the Alice in Wonderland play at Kids N Fitness.

Here she is posing with "Alice". 


Crazy Hair day for Avri.

We had purchased a mattress set  for Avri's room-  so I took a few pictures of her and Abi playing.
Gma and Papa took them for a few hours so we could convert her bed to a Big Girl bed. ( surprised her)

She came running in and jumped on it! I think she likes it!

Need to take a few more pics of the entire room. 
Another fun filled weekend at Yogi with the family! 
Went camping at Yogi Bear a few times over the summer. 
Good times were had at the pool- as always!

They started throwing the kids up in the air. Which led to throwing the "big" kids up in the air.  We got some good laughs on how big of splashes!

Shawn-  I think your drowning my husband there trying to get up in the air! :)

Not sure what they were doing here-  but we sure had fun!
Papa and Avri having a heart to heart talk.  Love it!
Always lots of relaxing at the campground!

I took the kids on the campground  hayride.  Was a hot one-  but we enjoy singing the songs they sing.

The girls and I were wearing our Cubs shirts that day, so when we arrived at Papa's house he decided he would go change! 

 Avri's best friend...Papa! 

Gma- we need to get you a CUBS shirt! :)  

Avri doing Papa's hair.

We took a couple days and pulled the camper over to Indiana Beach.  We wont forget that trip!  Holy Crap!
It rained and stormed the entire time!!  With the exception of a few hours through out the entire stay! 
   Flooded the campground-  flooded many sites-  floated all our flip flops away that were sitting outside the camper.   Needless to say- we spent hours upon hours in the camper coloring, playing UNO, and watching movies! 

There being good and out of the way while we take down and pack up all our WET stuff!

this girl CRACKS me up!!