The girls and I were wearing our Cubs shirts that day, so when we arrived at Papa's house he decided he would go change! 

 Avri's best friend...Papa! 

Gma- we need to get you a CUBS shirt! :)  

Avri doing Papa's hair.

We took a couple days and pulled the camper over to Indiana Beach.  We wont forget that trip!  Holy Crap!
It rained and stormed the entire time!!  With the exception of a few hours through out the entire stay! 
   Flooded the campground-  flooded many sites-  floated all our flip flops away that were sitting outside the camper.   Needless to say- we spent hours upon hours in the camper coloring, playing UNO, and watching movies! 

There being good and out of the way while we take down and pack up all our WET stuff!

this girl CRACKS me up!! 

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