I'm Back!

Two weekends ago the girls and I spent the afternoon at Scovill Zoo. We had a nice picnic, joined by bees, - bystanders were probably getting good laughs. Occasionally Abi or I would run around the blanket to get a bee to leave us alone. The day was beautiful and I know these nice weather days are starting to get further apart- so we took full advantage! I LOVE these moments!

Updates have been so few and far between. Many of you can relate to the hustle and bustle of life with two little ones. Things are getting back into a routine after a string of events. A change in daycare for the girls for one. They started a new daycare about 2 months ago. Our sitter took a maternity leave for the birth of her fist child. A beautiful baby boy, Kaydan.
Abi had been with the sitter since she was 10 weeks old and Avri since 8 weeks, so I was a bit worried. Abi has made so many new friends and loves it! It has really broken her from her "shy"ness she was going through. Avri is still adjusting to the "busy" ness of her new place...she's doing well too just ready for bed alot earlier!
We lost a family member, my gma, which was very hard. But comforting to know she was reunited with the love of her life. She leaves me with lifelong lasting memories that I will cherish forever.
The girls have had some bouts of sickness over the last 2 months...but we are on the upside ...with the exception of allergies.
We just recently got to spend some time with Lisa and Madison from Houston. Might be the last time we see them until the TWINS are born! Had a fun day going to the Museum and the Pumpkin Patch. Abi has said a few times since they've left she wants to move to Madison's house.

On September 13, Baby Chad( my cousin Chad and Ashley's little guy) turned the BIG ONE!! It was a great party and I don't think I have ever seen a happier baby!!! Cutie pie! Got a few snapshots.....

Avri enjoying some jello with Daddy at the party.

Tony and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in September. We went to a Cubs game and messed around downtown Chicago for two days. This was the only snapshot I got before my camera went dead!
A circus was in town recently so my mom and I took the girls. Here's the girls sharing some cotton candy.
Abi and Avri recently had picture day. They both looked so pretty. Here's Abi cheesing for me....