A few snapshots from my cell phone- This is Abi during cuddle time. We always have "cuddle" time before she falls asleep. She holds my hand and I sit on the floor next to her bed for a few minutes...I think I may still be doing this when she is 18- she LOVES cuddle time!

Abi doing what she LOVES to do- she has a ton of journals where she writes. She is learning to spell and she loves writing.

And Avri pretending to read my Oprah magazine.

Avri at the park.

The girls having dessert at the Mexican restaurant. Not a drip on that plate when they were done!

We went to the Scovill Zoo last weekend after church. It actually ended up being hotter than we expected and I didn't have sunscreen with me. You can tell the girls were hot. We still had a good time and managed to see the entire zoo, ride the train and the carousel

And we ended the Zoo visit with messy sno- cones.

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