new baby in town...

Its a cold Monday morning, and sorry I have no new pics to update my blog with. Life is good- everyone is healthy in the house ( knock on wood). Tony has been working a ton of hours- and me and the girls have been doing our thing. We spent the weekend visiting family and friends. That's about all we did. Started with my gma, then to Aunt Lorie's, then home for naps and then to my girlfriend's Sheila's house for pizza. Which brings me to.... the new baby!! Sat. night after we left and the other couples left, Sheila's water broke! She had a precious baby boy, Luke, 6lbs and 9 ozs. CONGRATS DOOLINS!!! We love you guys! And Drake is officially a big brother now! Then Sunday me and the girls headed to Springfield to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend, Julie, and her family. Abi had a ball playing with her two boys.

Soon I'll get the camera back out. Hugs to you all- Tammi

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