A, B, C's

Lately, Abi has been so interested in writing. "How do you spell Laney, Mommy?" "How do you spell Fishy?" "How do you spell snowman?" She is blowing our minds at how good she is doing at writing. ( remind you, she is only 3 yrs and5 months) She can sit down and write a few words with out even asking because she has practiced them so much. Mommy and Daddy both. And now Halloween because she has done it so much! I caught her in my room below, copying words from a Halloween book- ( priceless! with my shoes on)

This I took this morning on our way to Sharon's. She did this without even asking how to spell it! ( it says Avri in case you cant read it!)

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Jami said...

OMG!!! Zack is no where close to writing. Go Abi!