Abi being silly watching cartoons from the toy basket hamper thing....

This is a quick shot of our sofa table for the holiday. It now has a family pic of our Santa visit last year too in a cute Holiday frame.  Abi, Avri and I made these glitter trees. They were fun and easy to make and they look so pretty! 

Avri's soccer season is over. These are from her last game.  Thank goodness she wanted to play this day, the week before she told coaches and ref's ...she just wanted to watch- and would not get off the bleachers.  STINKER!!!

She got her FIRST MEDAL!!


We always decorate cookies... wait...let me rephrase that...The Girls always decorate cookies, sometimes more than once around the holidays. Its a passion of Abi's.  As you can see they ( she) takes it very serious! :)

GOOD WORK girls!!  Love your cookies!

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