Weekend pics

Saturday we took the girls to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Lincoln. It has become an annual thing- because I love it so much! I think its pretty cool at night when they do the "glow". We took Abi to do some carnival stuff before we got spread out on our blankets to watch the balloons. ( Ck out my mom's blog to see some of her good pics she got at the balloon festival)
This is the ONLY picture I got before my battery died on my camera. Drake and his buddy! ( Drake belongs to my good friend Sheila, who is expecting in November- baby boy #2)
Sunday, when Avri was taking her morning nap-Abi and I packed the cooler( sandwiches, chips & grapes) for a picnic lunch. We had our first official picnic (the pretend ones in the living room don't count). It was fun and the girls had a good time. We didn't go too far- we loaded the stroller down and went to the Maroa park.

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Jami said...

Looks like a fun weekend!!