Ten Months FLY BY!

How did this day come upon us so fast? In ten months, Avri has blossomed from a beautiful baby into a bundle of personality!! She is so happy and she lets everyone around her know it too! She explores through the house on her knees and stops if she finds anything interesting- like maybe some crumbs from Big Sis!! She waves to everyone- grocer clerks, gma & papa, daddy, neighbors, etc. Every morning when Tony gets home from work she says "Hi da-da" and waves. He loves it! One word I know she knows is "Kisses" she loves giving them- slobber and all, mouth wide open the same way Abi used to at her age. She had a third tooth come in last week and trying to cut a fourth one now. Her likes and dislikes:

LIKES:baby juice in her sippy cup, being tickled, climbing,cuddling at bedtime, eating kleenex(ughh!), pink flamingo zoo animal, princess chair, paci's, bike rides in baby seat on back of my bike, rides in the laundry basket, playing in bath with Abi .....and so much more!

DisLikes: sitting still long enough to get dressed, hair washed, chicken and noodles baby food ( have tried more than 5x - still spits it out!), teething, Abi crying.


Mommy loves you so much! ( pics taken this morning)

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