Christmas 08, Part 1

Part 1 of ?? hmm not sure- ...Yes another blog vacation for me- off work during the holidays..and when that's the case, I am kept busy. We had a fantastic time over the holidays as I hope you all did. The girls are at such fun ages... and there is nothing better than seeing their reaction to all the fun!
Abi helped bake approx 7 dozen cookies to deliver to her school teachers.
And we visited Santa before Christmas. Abi told him she wanted a jack in the box before he even asked her what she wanted. She climbed up on his lap and said "Jack in the Box!"
Avri wasn't as fond of Santa as Abi was.
And on the way back home I overheard in the backseat, Abi told Avri, " You didn't have to cry just because you sat on his lap!"
Tony giving Abi a ride on the vacuum.

And Abi decorating more cookies. We baked alot of goodies while I was off. Abi decorated some special ones herself for Santa. An entire container of sprinkles for each cookie- :)

And Avri is following in her sisters footsteps when she was 1. Avri has a love for all the jewelry too. She goes nuts over it, and the more on the better!
Avri's first Oreo cookie.Can you tell if she likes it?
Avri couldn't resist seeing what was in her big sisters Christmas bag while we celebrated with Tony's family.
Kaitlynn, Kaleigh and Abi playing with their new toys.
Abi and Madison showing me how tall they are getting!

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